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Patti Stanger

Men Love Confident Women is a MUST READ for every woman who attends my Millionaire Matchmaker events. Adam teaches EVERYTHING they need to know about meeting men.”

Patti Stanger The Millionaire Matchmaker
Barbara Corcoran

Women need to realize that men are attracted to confident women. It’s just a matter of how you present yourself. Adam’s book teaches this concept exceptionally well – I couldn’t recommend it more highly!”

Barbara Corcoran NBC's Shark Tank Investor

"Here are Some of the Secrets You'll Learn Inside My Informative Ebook"

  • How to initiate conversations without him actually realizing you're approaching him - Page 52
  • 6 characteristics men deeply desire in a woman - Page 124
  • Secret criteria that you can use to determine whether or not a guy is boyfriend material (or just a fling) - Page 121
  • The biggest turnoffs for most guys and how you can easily avoid them - Page 79
  • A very simple checklist you can use to decipher INSTANTLY whether or not he’s really interested in you - Page 40
  • How to get a man to invest his time and resources into you FIRST, so that you can control the pace of the relationship - Page 97
  • How to build a lifestyle that naturally attracts men - Page 79
  • A few phrases you can use to instantly position yourself as a "high value" woman - Page 23
  • And Much More...
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Bonus #1: Why Men Suck at Dating

Before I started Sexy Confidence, I coached hundreds of men on how to meet and date YOU. This audio program will help you understand men's insecurities about dating and it will teach you some core strategies you can use to guide him toward a successful relationship.

Value: $40

Bonus #2: First Date Disasters

Have you ever gone on a first date, thought it went REALLY well, then never heard back from him again? Well this quick program outlines the seven biggest first date blunders for most women.

Value: $30

Bonus #3: Starting a New Relationship

The first three months of any relationship are CRITICAL for long-term success. It’s the time when you set your boundaries with him while also playing it “cool” so that you don’t scare him off. This mini training module will give you specific steps you must take in order to kick off the relationship the right way.

Value: $60

Bonus #4: Inside the Mind of a Player

Have you ever wondered why players are so unemotional? Well this bonus module literally teaches you the five mindsets of a player. It helps you understand WHY they do what they do — so you are equipped to handle them when you inevitably meet them.

Value: $50

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